Constantine — Frontend developer, Designer, NodeJS developer, ES6 enthusiast

In 1993, I first saw console game and realized that my life should be connected with technologies. During my more than 10 years career, I managed to work as a designer, project manager and developer. For the past 6 years I have been working on the web products of a large American corporation. Sincerely believe that technology will save the world. A laconic interfaces and quality content delivery - much more important than the logo of hipster technology in the footer.

For me, development is not just engineering, code and graphics, but absolute, pure creativity.

Respect to CSS3

I have one friend. Over the past 6 months, we managed several projects successfully. The production process was pretty smoothly. Being a skilled PHP developer, he totlly refused to accept the new features of CSS. For example, for a simple button with a shadow, he make a sprite

How to Create your own Mockup

In this tutorial I will try adequately explain how to use smart objects on the example of a complex package. The process of preparing quality presentation of your designs is very laborious. Having mastered the smarts you can automate this process, and created mockup can be used in next projects. Moreover, adaptation will take even minutes