How to Create your own Mockup

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For many years I have been studying and using Photoshop features and tools. Besides face distortion using Liquify and camouflage pimples with Clone tool, this editor can bring real profit.

In this tutorial I will try adequately explain how to use smart objects on the example of a complex package. The process of preparing quality presentation of your designs is very laborious. Having mastered the smarts you can automate this process, and created mockup can be used in next projects. Moreover, adaptation will take even minutes.

Preparing template

First of all let's take a carton box in order to do mind-blowing visualization.

Cut our box, I use a pen tool.

Photo certainly cool, but let's add a shadow. Thereby our mocap become deeper, and in the future will be able to use it as a reflex pattern.

Sketch out the bottom, it will be preform of our shadow.

Use Motion blur several times.

A little more blur.

Flatten layers and shadow, duplicate layer, blur it to complete smoothy. Apply transparancy to previous shadow-layer.

Bottom faces of the box is too bright, let's add a reflex from the shadows. Gradient imposed on the pseudo-walls is our friend and comrade, it will correct reflexes.

Not a shadow of my dreams, but ok. Let's proceed to hardcore. The first thing I should talk it's package-unfolding. The more it's accurate, cooler and easier will be setting smart objects (about them later).

Here how looks like our template. For appropriate visualization fill it with something colorful and convert into a smart object.


Gentlemen, ladies, remember: smart objects get their name Not in vain. This is no ordinary layers in a series of others. Smart Objects among ordinary Photoshop layers as a Jedies among ordinary people. They are able to accept filters (unlike vectors and text), they can be distorted and most swag-vip property of smarts - cloneability. We can create multiple instances of a object, distort each in its own, impose on each of them different filters. But data enclosed in smart object will not change, what gives us THE SUPER POWERS.

Let's start with the front wall of the box. Take our smart object and hide all under the mask leaving only the desired direction.

Now distort smart object so that he became a geometrically similar to the side of the box. I will say that this is not an easy task - the object keeps all the scan, but we need to change only one side.

Duplicate smart object layer for texturing. Hiding unnecessary elements. We perform the same with the second layer.

The following is painstaking work to adapting and fitting each piece of the box. At first glance, everything is simple: take a smart, twist and distort it with Free Transform until it (or rather part of the unfolding hidden into it) will not match the texturing part of the object underneath. But this work can take over 9000 minutes. Watch for smart object combination. Most difficult part of the process are splices of objects on image.

Colorful picture in this case will help to reflect the correct geometry.

Last wall are mirrored. Choose blending mode Overlay, remove minor flaws sticking pixels texture collisions, etc. Watch for details.

It works?

Test our mockup with different fills

Structurize layers for convenient interface. Create group with unfold-mask.


Preparing mockups technically complex and lengthy process, but ask yourself how much time you spend for preparing presentation for customer? Having mockup base photoshop prepares almost himself. Leaving us more time for rock, sex and booze. Designer think about it!